Welcome to BMD doo

BMD doo, family enterprise, was founded 1989 by Vaso Kaljevic,as owner with other family members. A wide range of sylvan products, picked in ecologically clean, healthy, and on the most charming hilly areas of Serbia is the best base for the expansion nad development of our enterprise.

We do ...

BMD doo buys, process, packs and sells sylvan fruits, salutary plants and wild mushrooms. Our main activity is buying, processing and packing mushrooms. Mostly Porcini ( Boletus Edulis,Areus etc..),Chanterelle , Black Trompet and Morel as dried, fresh, deep frozen and in brine only Porcini.

The dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are most wanted product line. There are two ways of drying, naturally ( under sun rays which save all minerals and keep the perfect taste of wild mushroom), and industrial. Natural dried mushrooms make 90% of our export quantities, in different packages from 20g to 8 kg. Packaging is available and depending on customer wishes - in our or customer packaging with our or customer labels.

The berries

The second product line are berries Fresh or deep-frozen berries: raspberry, blackberry, blueberry. They are also available in different packages with our or customer labels.


Organic food feature

  • Organic food have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants
  • Organic food is fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last longer
  • Organic food is grown with natural fertilizers (manure, compost).
  • Organic food tastes great
  • Organic production reduces health risks
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